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We firmly believe that your network is the key for your organization success or failure; it can either help you soar, or bring you down.

Former Facebook and Google employees fight tech 'addiction'

Two former employees of Google and Facebook have launched a campaign to fight what they see as the addictive nature of the technology they helped to create. The Center for Human Technology aims to "reverse the digital attention crisis" and "realign technology with humanity's best interests".


Apple's HomePod Set to Barge Into Hot Speaker Market.


HomePod, Apple's long-awaited entry into the torrid smart speaker market, will be available Feb. 9, the company announced Tuesday. The HomePod, which is not quite 7 inches tall, will be offered in white and space gray. It can be pre-ordered at Apple's website for US$349 starting Friday.


Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts.

In a move that could revolutionise the way we buy groceries, Amazon opens its first supermarket without checkouts - human or self-service - to shoppers on Monday.


The best gadgets we saw at CES 2018

Another CES is in the books. USA's biggest consumer electronics show featured some 3900 exhibitors spread out over 2.75 millon squuare feet, making it the largest floor in the show's history.


New Artificial Muscles Lift 1000 Times Their Own Weight


Soft robotics have changed what mechanical creations are capable of. One new study shows how soft robotics can also be incredibly strong with the help of rigid origami skeletons.


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Some people go there to buy groceries, others go to hang out and chat with the owner. The store owner sees Mrs. Turner from the store as she is coming down the road. He starts putting together her usual order, adding a bottle of cough syrup since one of his costumers told him Mrs Tumer’s daughter has the flu.

That sense of community is usually associated with old times and small towns, but modern networking is transforming the whole world into a small town. Networking usually seems as something new, but the truth is that all humans are deeply social by nature.

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